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Gare Du Nord
Gare du Nord is a Dutch / Belgian loungeduo consisting Doc (Ferdy Lancee) and Inca (Barend Fransen), from 2007 supplemented with singer Dorona Alberti.

Gare du Nord kicked off early 2001 when producers Doc (Ferdi Lancee) & Inca (Barend Fransen) were asked by a French promotor to deliver the soundtrack for a fashion & lifestyle event in Brussels labeled Excellence. The album was released world wide with special editions in Canada, Australia and Russia and was certified gold.

With the album Club in 2005, featuring trumpeter Erik Truffaz (key track: We Still Grow), Gare du Nord captured the now typical non-traditional sound scape structure that became the Gare du Nord sound. In the fall of 2006 Fransen & Lancee wrote a song Somethiní In My Mouth, with Donora Alberti, was written by means of a soundtrack to the bestselling book Stout by Heleen van Royen and Marlies Dekkers. Dekkers, then already a famous Dutch lingery designer was asked to design the iconic cover for the new Gare du Nord-album, to be titled Sex Ďní Jazz. The Top Ten-album spent a stunning 100 weeks in the Dutch album charts and was certified multi platinum.

The 2009 album Love For Lunch was certified platinum and both the mix albums, Jazz In The City (2007) and Letís Have A Ball (2010) mixing Blue Note tracks from the likes of Donald Byrd, Andrew Hill and Bobby Hutcherson were certified gold.

The year 2011 marks a new perspective. A more intimate, direct approach of producing and songs that cross borders in the direction of white soul, ska and even a little touch of country. The lyrics of the new songs reflect the great feelings and little mysteries of (Dorona Albertiís) pregnancy as a metaphor for new life. Lilywhite Soul is a new episode in the ever changing moods of Gare du Nord.

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