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Tuck & Patti
Tuck and Patti began performing together in California in 1981 and married in 1983. After signing with Windham Hill in 1987, they released several albums for the label before signing with Epic Records for one album in 1995. After several more on Windham Hill, their releases after 2001 have been on 33rd Street Records.

Tuck: We met in 1978 in a band in San Francisco. I was already in the band, and one day Patti came to audition. She walked in, said hi, passed out her charts (Horace Silver's "Out Of The Night Came You") and we started playing the song. Within a few seconds of hearing her sing, I knew that I had found my musical soulmate.

Patty: I might change melody and even lyrics, or add a chorus of solo, while Tuck would freely improvise bass lines and chords, substituting and reharmonizing around me, and varying whatever countermelodies he incorporated, just as any jazz group would.

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