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"TRĘBEN" (Nordic Project). Since the 50's jazz has been inspired by Scandinavian folk music with its beautiful melodies and rich harmony. American artists such as Stan Getz and Miles Davis have recorded Swedish and Danish music, the most famous one being My Dear Old Stockholm. Marking the beginning of European jazz as a style Jan Johannson released "Jazz paa Svenska" in 1962 which was to become a record of world-wide fame and influence. Growing up in Denmark you are in daily contact with this music. There is no way to escape it in school and different sorts of pastime activities. In 2007 we started the Nordic Project. A quartet with Scandinavian musicians all studying in Holland. Recently we recorded our first Cd. We have made new arrangements using the influences that form us as musicians, using rhythm and harmonic ideas from Latin American, African and Eastern European music.The cd contains a selection of Danish and Swedish traditionals, and also a tribute to Cornelis Vreeswijk, who emigrated from Holland to Sweden and became a successful songwriter and performer. A few months ago we held a competion for a band name for our quartet. We have had a lot of reactions and have looked the suggestions over. The resulting name for our band is "TRĘBEN"

Line Up: Jens Larsen (guitar), Olaf Meijer (bass), Thorsten Grau (drums), Soren Ballegaard (sax) www.traeben.com

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