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5 October 2009
Stepping Stones in Alto Amsterdam
Stepping Stones had a brilliant performance at Jazz Café Alto in Amsterdam, this past Friday.
This iconic, and practically a last standing Jazz Café offered the stage for what was an inspired and dynamic show.

People listened to every single composition with the same attention and focus as if they had been at a concert in a theatre.
The crowd was constantly changing, but the bar was full at all times.

Throughout the night we received many compliments from several people who, in various ways, told us our music sounded "so different" or "fresh".
A friend emailed us her comment: "The concert was moving, enjoyable, soothing and really impressive."

Not any less significantly, at the end of the night we were offered a steady position in the Jazz Café Alto agenda, lining up next to great names such as Hans Dulfer and Saskia Laroo.

Many thanks to Hans Dulfer for arranging this night and giving us the possibility to present the Stepping Stones in the Amsterdam jazz scene.

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