Wouter Hamel - Rapenburgconcert '13 (foto Peter J. Visser)

Rapenburgconcert '13 (recentie)
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31 August 2013
Rapenburg concert 2013
There was a lot to enjoy at the Rapenburg concert of 31 August 2013. Hundreds of people came to listen, sitting in small boats in the canal or standing at the quay. It brought a great and romantic atmosphere to the neighborhood. This year the organization could not rely on municipal subsidies, but 15 local and regional organizations gave their financial support to obtain this great event for Leiden that has become a tradition. Special guest Wouter Hamel was the main attraction. He played almost 1,5 hours and moved the audience with some of his sensitive songs. Other acts were performed by the New Your Gospel Singers, bigband Lick’s and Brains with Rolf Delfos. It took some time to change the stage, but the audience was patient and stayed till the end. It was a memorable evening that brought back the memories of the first Rapenburg concert in 2001.

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