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23 August 2006
Roby Lakatos on Rapenburg Festival Leiden
Het Rapenburgconcer 2006 has a marvelous line up this year with Roby Lakatos as the top attraction. Lakatosmusician of extraordinary stylistic versatility. Equally comfortable performing classical music as he is playing jazz and in his own Hungarian folk idiom, Lakatos is the rare musician who defies definition. He is referred to as a gypsy violinist or “devil’s fiddler”, a classical virtuoso, a jazz improviser, a composer and arranger, and a 19th-century throwback, and he is actually all of these things at once. He is the kind of universal musician so rarely encountered in our time—a player whose strength as an interpreter derives from his activities as an improviser and composer. He has performed at the great halls and festivals of Europe, Asia and America. His performance is scheduled for sunday 27 th of august 15.00 hrs p.m. Other artists are Deborah Carter, Ian Parker and also many muscians from Holland. On the pictures we see Roby (above) and Willem and Jan Kiewiet de Jonge (below). For more info look on www.rapenburgconcert.com

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