Thailand jan met Mook en Korn en sax

Jeff and Jan
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8 January 2007
Jan Kiewiet de Jonge back inThailand
After his tsunami escape two years ago Jan Kiewiet de Jonge went back to tour Thailand again. We were happy to see that business is taking off well again and that most business has recovered. On the island Koh Lanta Jan had a great new year's eve with his family on the beach and played in the Mook Anda Bar. You can see him here with Korn and Mook on Klong Doa Beach. After a great sail experience visiting Koh Mook, Koh Rock and Koh Pipi Don there was a perfect jam with Californian based guitarist Jeff Linsky in the Twin Palm Beach resort. The gig was filmed for Thai televison and can be viewed on internet (link will follow). Pasadena will be back soon touring with different bands in Bangkok and Puket.

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